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The Two Surprising Features That Homebuyers Really Want

In a market where current inventory is low, it’s natural to assume that buyers might be willing to give up a few desirable features to make their quest in finding a home a little easier. Don’t be bamboozled into thinking that there is still an interest in the market for some key upgrades. Here is a look at the two surprising things that buyers seem to be looking for in today’s market, and how they are impacting new home builds.

Garages Are a Must Have For Homebuyers

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently published an article displaying the percentage of new single-family homes completed in 2018. The data reveals,

* 64% of new homes offer a 2-car garage

* 21% have a garage large enough to hold 3 or more cars

* 7% have a 1-car garage

* 7% do not include a garage or carport

* 1% have a carport

The following map shows this breakdown by region:

Evidently, a garage is something homebuyers are looking for in their searches, but that’s not the only thing.

Homebuyers Are Not Giving Up Their Patios

Patios are on the radar for buyers also. Community areas are often common amenities in new neighborhoods, but as it turns out, private outdoor spaces are very much desirable too. NAHB also found that,

“Of the roughly 876,000 single-family homes started in 2018, 59.4% came with patios…This is the highest the number has been since NAHB began tracking the series in 2005.”

As displayed in the graph below, the number of new homes built with patios has been increasing for the past nine years. Clearly, they are an alluring feature for new homeowners too.

Bottom Line

Homebuyers are searching for garage space and outdoor patio living areas. If you are a homeowner considering selling a house with these amenities, it appears buyers are demanding those key features. When staging your home to sell, it would be wise to make your garage and outdoor living spaces as attractive and desirable as possible. Get in touch with a licensed realtor today to determine the current value and demand for your home.

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