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A breathtaking perspective

Tobie Andrews' FAA certified, professional drone videographers are ready to take your properties to new heights. Stunning aerial photography and video present your properties' amenities in a way never before possible. 

"Tobie Andrews' photography and aerial services help us sell more houses, faster."

— Tyson Bean, Pinnacle Group

Drone Video

  • $80 still photos (6-8 images)

  • $160 video and stills (6-8 images)

Product Description:

Drone videos and photography offer an amazing perspective of your property's exterior features. Tobie Andrews Photography only uses experienced, video professionals for all aerial projects.

Videos are approximately 1-2 minutes long and highlight all the property's exterior and surrounding areas.

What is involved:

  • Drone video

  • Post video editing

  • Title/Splash Screen


What you can expect:

Drone shoots typically take between 40 minutes to 1 hour. 

Drone footage needs to be shot on a pleasant, non-windy day.

Please be sure that the yard and surrounding areas are in their best condition. Please make sure all vehicles and trashcans are out of sight.


*Please note that if your property's structures have extensive tree cover, aerial video and photography may not be the best option.


  • Make sure yards and landscaping are in their best possible condition.

  • Park vehicles out of sight.

  • Hide trashcans, hoses, grills, doghouses, water bowls, etc.

  • Tidy front porch.

  • Turn on any fountains.

  • Make sure pools are open and clean.

  • If possible, let neighbors know that a drone shoot is scheduled

  • Let Tobie Andrews Photography know of any features to which you would like to give special attention.

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