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  • How do I order a product or a service?
    It's easy! To order online: 1. Just go to the "Order Online" page and fill in the information. 2. After you submit the information we will schedule the photo shoot. A confirmation email will let you know that we have received your order and have scheduled your session. We will always attempt to accomodate your scheduling request. However, there are only so many hours in a day and we may not be able to schedule your exact desired time. If that is the case, we will contact you and find a time that works for you, your seller and us. 3. We will deliver your products and/or services to your email address within 2 working days (Monday - Friday) of the shoot. 4. Payment for your services is due upon receipt of products and/or services.
  • How quickly will I receive my products/services?
    We will deliver your products and/or services within 2 working days (Monday - Friday) after the session.
  • How will I receive my products/services?
    We will deliver your products and/or services to your email address. Depending upon your order, you may receive a link, a set of digital photos, or both!
  • How do I pay for my products/services?
    When you receive your products/services you will also receive an invoice. All payments are due immediately upon receipt of services and/or products. If you fail to pay, we certainly won't send a large man named Vinnie to your office but we probably won't take anymore orders from you.
  • How should I prepare the property for a video or photo session?
    The best photographs in the world can't make a messy, unprepared house look good. The property should be clean and clutter free. No knick-knacks, trash cans, soap dispensers, paper towels, exposed cords, etc. Please keep in mind that dirty mirrors ruin a photo! Please request that your clients remove their "personality" from the property. Potential buyers need to envision themselves in the property. Due to scheduling constraints, Tobie Andrews Photography cannot be responsible for cleaning or staging properties. Properties need to be prepared for the photo session before the scheduled appointment.
  • Do I need to be present during the video and/or photo session?
    We request that either the agent or the property owners be present during the session.
  • What is HD/HDR (High Definition/High Dynamic Range) Photography?
    HD/HDR stands for High Definition/High Dynamic Range. This format and process creates stunning real estate photographs. Definition: High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a digital photography technique whereby multiple exposures of the same scene are layered and merged using image editing software to create a more realistic image, or a dramatic effect. The combined exposures can display a wider range of tonal values than what the digital camera is capable of recording in a single image.
  • What is the difference between a web photo set and a print photo set?
    Web photos are optimized for online viewing and delivery. They are saved at 72 dpi which is the standard monitor resolution. Print photos are optimized for printed materials. They are saved at 300 dpi.
  • Who is Tobie Andrews?
    Tobie Andrews is a professional, award-winning photographer who has worked in the Wichita area for over 20 years. She is also an eCertified Realtor.
  • Why should I use a professional photographer for my listing's photos?
    Each day, more and more sellers and buyers utilize online services to search for properties and conduct real estate transactions. Many times, a first impression is a photo. It is imperative that this first impression is as impressive as it can be. Professional photos enhance a property's attributes and can lead to more showings, higher price points and quicker sales.
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