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Beautiful Real Estate Images

Our professional photographswill make your listing look amazing. Professional photography is proven to generate more leads. Tobie Andrews' 20 years of professional photography experience will help you sell more properties.

"Tobie Andrews Media is a vital part of our business. Offering top quality photography for professional agent portraits for business cards and marketing, to the best available quality real estate photography in the market place for residential and commerical property photo's, virtual tours and drone photography."

— Todd Woodburn
Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate 

Standard Photography Package | starting at $115

Product Description:

Today's real estate buyers turn to the internet first. 85% of the people looking for homes begin their real estate search utilizing the Internet and 90% want to see a virtual tour. Listings with virtual tours are viewed 40% more than listings without.

What is involved:

  • Web photo set

  • Print quality photo set

  • Flyer

  • Listing Web Site


What you can expect:

All aspects of the property will be captured by Tobie Andrews' team of professional photographers. Shoots typically take 1-2 hours depending on the size of the house.


Virtual Tour|

additional $15 to standard photography package

Product Description:

Virtual Tours bring your listing to life by placing the photographs from the standard photography package into an online, revolving carousel format. Virtual tours are hosted for free. You will receive the virtual tour link in an email along with all of the downloadable digital images which you can use as needed — MLS, websites, social media, etc.

What is involved:

  • Standard photography package is set to music and presented in a revolving, carousel format.

  • Delivered in both branded and unbranded formats


What you can expect:

The virtual tour service will utilize the photos taken during the standard photography shoot. No extra time required.

Virtual Tour Example 1

VirtualTour_15404 Knox St.jpg

Please note you will be taken to another browser window to view example tour. Please close window to return.

Virtual Tour Example 2

VirtualTour_9 E Douglas.jpg

Please note you will be taken to another browser window to view example tour. Please close window to return.


Exterior Re-Shoot 


Tobie Andrews Photography will reshoot exterior shots.

Community Photo Set


Within the neighborhood of the listing, Tobie Andrews Photography will capture a stunning set of a community's amenities — parks, pools, walking paths, signage, etc.



  • Remove all daily use items from counters (paper towels, toothbrushes, Kleenex, sink sponge, etc.). Leave decorating and home decor.

  • Put away trashcans, clothes hampers, and any evidence of pets.

  • Hide cords to appliances and electronics.

  • Put away toasters, coffee makers, knife sets, etc. Everyone has these and they get in the way of seeing your backsplash.

  • Remove all notes and magnets from refrigerator.

  • Put away coats, purses, hats, etc.

  • Avoid tablecloths, if possible.

  • Clean bathroom mirrors and windows.

  • De-clutter!

  • Store away all personal photos and awards/certificates.

  • Take down items that state your child's name.

  • Open blinds and turn on lights.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans.


  • Hide trashcans, hoses, doghouses, water bowls, etc.

  • Tidy front porch and flower beds.

  • Mow the lawn!

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