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11 Awesome Home Upgrades to Consider for 2021

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DIY home upgrades and renovations have been super popular in 2020, and it seems like the trend is continuing into 2021. It’s a great time to spruce up your home, and if you’re looking to sell in the near future, then you probably want your upgrades to count.

Here are some awesome upgrades you can make that will take your home to the next level – for you and any potential buyers.

1. Refinish your floors

Adding in brand new hardware floors is the dream, but you can get the same effect by simply refinishing the ones you’ve already got. A good hardwood floor will take you through generations of home owners, so there’s no need to strip it out completely.

A newly refinished floor will bring out all the beauty and the character of the original wood, with an added shine and appeal for any buyers that may be viewing your home soon.

2. Paint the outside of your home

If you’re low on cash for remodeling, then the easiest and most inexpensive way to refresh a home that’s looking worse for wear is to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you’re looking to sell in the near future, then refreshing the outside of the house can make a huge difference.

Keep the outside of the home neutral, and paint the door a bold, contrasting color. Red, yellow, or navy can make a beautiful statement and give the home a lively look in a subtle way that will delight prospective buyers cruising by your house.

3. Work on the front yard

And speaking of that curb appeal, your front yard is one of the first things people see – you want to make it beautiful. Landscaping can be an investment, but there’s also a lot you can do yourself.

Making sure that the lawn is mowed, trimming the trees so they frame the house beautifully, and planting some shrubs can make the difference from a home that gets passed over on looks to one that gets a lot of attention.

4. Make the bathroom count

Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in your home, so if you’ve only budgeted for renovating one room, make it the bathroom. Updated tiling, shiny new white goods, and a nice double sink vanity can give the entire house a mini “face lift”.

If you can afford to add another bathroom to your floor plan, you will find that your return on investment will be huge. PocketSense estimates that a full additional bathroom can boost the value of your home by 20%, as it’s a very attractive feature for potential buyers.

5. Matching fixtures

As they say, the devil’s in the details, so if you’re making upgrades with home value and buyers in mind, paying attention to the minutia of decorating is going to pay off.

Something simple and low-cost like adding matching hardware, knobs and handles in your kitchen can change the look of the room completely and make it seem more cohesive, put-together, and intentional. It’s the kitchen that often sells the home, so don’t overlook any small details here.

6. Transform a guest bedroom

Sometimes it can feel like guest bedrooms are wasted space when there’s no one occupying them. Why not work on making the most out of this extra space? You can still retain its utility as a guest bedroom, while giving it a brand new purpose.

Bring a desk and a file cabinet in there and it can serve as a home office, or it can be a home gym with the addition of a treadmill. Make that square footage work for you.

7. Make it a smart home

It’s 2021 and buyers are pickier than ever. Tech has evolved to become an integral part of every home, so Wi-Fi powered smart devices like Amazon Echo speakers, a Ring doorbell, or Nest thermostats are now expected.

Of course, they all require a reliable internet connection, and especially with the rise in remote work, that can be a huge selling point.

8. Pay attention to details

When it’s been a while since your last upgrade, a home can feel a little stale. One of the easiest ways to bring your home into 2021 is to make some small, but significant changes to decorative elements like light fixtures, paint colors, or textiles you use in your home.

Have a look at the most popular colors and designs for this year – what common themes do you notice? Bring that color palette and design elements in details like your rugs, curtains and throw pillows and you’ve practically got a new room.

9. Finish the basement

Basements are probably the most underutilized spaces in homes, because they’re often unfinished. That’s valuable real estate (literally!) that you’re not taking advantage of. Why not give that space a purpose?

Finishing the basement can cost a pretty penny, but buyers are much more likely to seal the deal on a home with a finished basement, so it becomes a valuable space and a worthy investment, according to The Balance Small Business. And you still get to use the space in the meantime!

10. Make the backyard a feature

The biggest mistake you can make is to neglect your backyard. This may very well be the feature that sells the house. Really play this space up by adding a table with chairs, a grill in the corner, and paint the fence. You can even add some outdoor lighting, if you’re up to it.

Now, you’ve got a bonus outdoor space that’s delightful and usable and not just an empty yard. You’ll enjoy it to the max until it’s time to sell.

11. Open up your floor plan

This is by no means a small or inexpensive undertaking, but it’s one that can improve your quality of life and satisfaction with your home, not to mention its value and desirability on the market.

A whopping 70% of buyers specifically look for open plan homes, so if you’ve always wanted that for your own home, now it the time to spring for it. The cost is significant, but it’s an investment that will more than pay off, when it’s time to sell.

Bottom line

Your home has more potential than you realize, and it’s time to bring it out. There are lots of little things (and bigger projects!) you can take on to upgrade your home, whether it’s for your own enjoyment or with future buyers in mind.

From tending to neglected outdoor spaces to giving selected rooms a new face or even changing the floorplan, 2021 can be the year when you upgrade to your dream home.

Please contact Tobie Andrews Real Estate Media for all of your residential and commercial photography needs. Photos, video, and drone. Let us help you!

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