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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Congratulations, you got through this week, and you made it to Friday! Don't you think you deserve a fun shopping treat? Or at least something new that will help make your life easier or more functional? We are excited to present, FRIDAY FINDS, our little pre-weekend shopping excursion, that will acquaint you with some of our recently discovered and highly esteemed products found online!

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Do you want to introduce some fresh Fall color to your home or listing? These attractive and tasteful, set of four, throw pillow covers will add a dash of cozy joy to your sofa or bedding!

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"Did you remember to turn on the porch lights?" No need to remember this nightly task anymore. Just a short while ago, Tobie was introduced to these must have lightbulbs. They light up in darkness, and turn off in daylight - all by themselves!

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We all need to know what time it is, so why not have a stylish clock? We spotted this super cool RETRO DIGITAL FLIP CLOCK, while photographing a very hip and contemporary house recently.

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Get rid of those unsightly spots on carpets and rugs with this amazing spray. In most cases, it works wonders! Perfect for last minute carpet touchups before open houses.

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Magnetic Measuring Spoons! If there is one kitchen gadget that makes a kitchen drawer chaotic, its measuring spoons. The ring that connects them together is always getting caught on other items, or the spoons are all over the place. Tame that kitchen drawer with these ring free, measuring spoons that actually stick together!

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Scarf it up! The temperature is cooling down, so add some color and warmth to your wardrobe with these comfy and handsome scarves.

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We hope these products were helpful! Have a fabulous weekend!

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