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Front Porch Conversation: Featuring Tagg and Annette Oleson

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Every front porch is a little different, but Tagg and Annette’s front porch is almost 300 feet off the ground! Just over two years ago they became downtown-dwellers and moved into Wichita’s only residential high-rise.

Tagg and Annette proudly live in Wichita, although they both grew up far away from here. Tagg is originally from 2 1/2 states north of Wichita - the northeast corner of South Dakota. He graduated from Aberdeen Central High School and has a degree in Electrical Engineering from S.D. Tech in Rapid City. He moved to the Phoenix area to start a fifteen year career in high-tech.

Annette was born and grew up on the northwest coast of England. She left home at 16, studied drama and became a professional stage actress in Liverpool. Having met many Americans, she was intrigued and visited America where she fell in love with our country and culture. She emigrated to the US at 19.

Tagg met Annette in the desert southwest, got married in 1990 and had 3 boys. They were relocated to Wichita for work in 1996, so they’ve lived in Wichita for over 23 years! They fell in love with one of Wichita’s “front porch” neighborhoods, College Hill, and lived there for over 21 years. Tagg reflects, “For that time in life, our boys were 3, 5 and 14 years old, College Hill Wichita was ideal.” They also volunteered with and supported the local greyhound adoption program and had 5 greyhounds over 19 years.

Their story’s theme would include a series of career reinventions.

Annette started in Real Estate in 1998, Tagg joined her in 2000 after 15 years in the high tech industry, and they became known as the Tagg Team. Over the next 20 years they would sell several hundred homes in the area. Tagg was Assistant Broker for an office of over 90 agents, Technology Trainer and New Agent Coach for almost 300 agents and taught Agency Ethics and other classes for the local board. Annette was consistently a top producing agent in south central Kansas. They have diversified but continue to provide real estate services to friends, neighbors and referrals.

In 2013, they discovered a travel and technology-based project with unbelievable perks and ramped up their travel experiences. Tagg and Annette got the opportunity to expand markets in places like Central America and experience the culture. “All the friends we made live in urban areas in high rise apartments.” Tagg said “We found the idea intriguing, but knew at the time the options for urban living in Wichita were limited.” That’s when they found the Garvey Center. The apartment building is the 2nd tallest building in Kansas (the Epic Center is the tallest) and is the only high rise apartment in Wichita.

Their goal was to move into the building. The best floor plan for Tagg and Annette were the 26th floor penthouses. They had the larger balconies and a separate office area to handle business. There are only 8 units on the top floor and they waited for A YEAR for one to become available. “We would have gladly taken any of those units,” Annette said “but were blessed to get the one we’d have chosen as our favorite view!”

The windows and balcony overlook the river and the Keeper of the Plains, with stunning views of northwest Wichita and amazing sunsets. “It’s an experience far different than living in the suburbs,” Tagg says. The apartment is a fraction of the size the house they moved from, but it’s very easy and fast to clean and tidy up. With parking and restaurants IN the building, as well as a fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, driving range & putting green, and common family room with included cable and WiFi, there aren’t many reasons to leave!

Tagg and Annette did find it has great access to landmarks and events. The new YMCA, where Annette teaches some water aerobics classes, is an 8 minute walk. It’s a little longer walk to Delano or Old Town, but the Q, a free trolley, stops about every 15 minutes to go East or West on Douglas. On weekends, it’ll even go as far as their previous neighborhood, College Hill! “During Riverfest, all we have to do is walk out our front door and we’re IN the celebration!” Annette says. Bikes and scooters are also very accessible.

Little conveniences make big differences, like grocery delivery (Dillon’s, Walmart & Aldi within 4mi), shopping carts on each floor, and banks and the post office are within a block.

For us, it’s the ideal place from which to appreciate Wichita.” Tagg says. Annette adds, “When people ask why we live in Wichita, I tell them what a local billionaire says, ‘Because I CAN!’”


Names? Tagg & Annette Oleson

Where are you from? Originally Aberdeen South Dakota and Liverpool England.

What is your current Real Estate company? United Country National Realty and Auction

First Jobs? We were always entrepreneurial, Tagg started delivering the newspaper at 11 years old, Annette was waiting tables at 14.

What we learned from those first jobs? We learned the value of money and to be financially independent.

Best advice ever given? “Do or do not... there is no try” -Yoda

What are your hobbies? Tagg likes cars, computers and home theater, Annette loves to create in the kitchen and we both love good movies!!

Favorite Restaurant? We really like AVI at the Drury Broadview, great food with atmosphere, and very reasonable. Try the grilled Caesar Salad!!

The people that have most impacted our lives? Annette’s grandfather Dougie, and our friends Byron and Susan Schrag who have been great spiritual, personal and business mentors and friends.

Biggest personal achievement? Annette’s most recent achievement (not having been a runner) ran 156 5K runs in 2019 and currently has a goal to do a 1/2 marathon in 2020.

Biggest challenge to overcome? Continually discovering our divine purpose in God’s plan. It’s a never-ending, fascinating, frustrating, continually rewarding endeavor!

Favorite coffee place? Panera Bread. The coffee is good, but it’s also comfortable and an easy place to meet with people.

Where can you be found when you’re not working? Many say we can’t be found! We like to travel every chance we get, so we could be anywhere...

What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done for fun? For Annette, it was making 9 skydiving jumps one summer- For Tagg, it was marrying Annette!

If you could live in any TV series or movie what would it be? It would be Star Trek because the stated mission is to “…to seek out new life and new civilizations…” and we love traveling and exploring. We also have a common goal to experience space travel!!

What or who lights you up? A friend once told us “The two biggest days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you discover why”. What lights us up is when someone discovers their God-given purpose and destiny.

Tagg & Annette Oleson

United Country - National Realty & Auction

Phone: 316.665.3690


Office Address: 414 State Street, Augusta, Kansas 67010

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Please contact Tobie Andrews Real Estate Media for all of your residential and commercial photography needs. Photos, video, and drone. Let us help you!

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