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Front Porch Coversation

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Featuring Mikaela Rehmert-Fira

It's always nice to break down professional barriers and learn more about individuals in our real estate community. It was a delight to visit one of our local industry experts, Mikaela Rehmert-Fira, with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty. Her front porch was very welcoming, and splendidly decorated with holiday charm. We always enjoy her warm, friendly, and witty personality.

Mikaela has been a licensed real estate agent since 2005. She explained to us that originally the company that she represents started as Prudential Dinning-Beard Realtors, and is now known as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Pen Fed Realty.

She has graciously won countless awards in the real estate industry, and continues to earn more.

Mikaela has a team of talented people that she works with. Erin Haneberg has been on her team since 2012. She shared with us that her husband, Zeke Fira, has worked with her full time for the last 3.5 years. Without him, she wouldn’t be able to stage the beautiful homes that they sell everyday!

Just in the last few months Mikaela has added several agents to her growing team. Her new team members are Karen Walden, Erica Briley, Ashley Switzer, Josh Ford and Grant Delmar. Mikaela told us that most of these agents have years of experience, and the newer agents are helping the team grow with their fresh ideas. She expressed to us that she is so proud of each and every one of them, and what they bring to their team by helping people with their dreams of home ownership.

Mikaela confessed to us that she is an absolute workaholic. She never stops, she never turns her phone off, or shuts it down at night. She wants her client’s experience to be the best it can possibly be. She mentioned that she wants to field any issues that may pop up, before her clients ever have to worry about them.

She thoughtfully stated that she probably gets the most joy from selling to a first time home buyer, because she can see how excited they are to have achieved such a huge milestone in their life. It gives her the warm and fuzzies!

Her mentor in the real estate business has always been William Kihle. Willie hired her as an agent back in 2005. She has learned so much from him over the years, that not only has it made her a great agent, but a better person.

Mikaela also teaches two Real Estate classes at her office every month.

Here are some additional facts that Mikaela has shared with us:

1. Name?  Mikaela Rehmert-Fira

2. Where are you from?  Spearville, KS

3. Current Company and Position?  Self employed Realtor.  I hold my license with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Pen Fed Realty

4. First Job? Big John’s Bar & Grill at 14 years old, where I waitressed on the restaurant side, and helped in the kitchen.

5. What that first job taught me?  Everything regarding great customer service and work ethic!  I think all kids should get a job as young as they can.  This world needs more movers and shakers!

6. Best advice ever given?  Don’t tell someone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself.

7. Last book you read?  Girl, Stop Apologizing! By Rachel Hollis

8. Hobbies?  When I have time I love to get my motorcycle out and ride!


9. Favorite restaurant?  Home!  We eat out entirely too much due to our busy schedules!

10. The person who has most impacted your life?  My husband, Zeke.  He makes me a better person.

11. Biggest professional achievement?  Probably managing to stay in the Top 10 of our company for as long as I have.  I am so thankful for the team that we are starting to build, and see great things ahead!

12. Biggest challenge to overcome?  Myself!  Delegating is very hard for me!

13. Honest work hours (do you keep it reasonable or do you work

      all hours?)  Honestly it is a 24/7 job for me….BUT I LOVE IT!

14. Where can you be found when you're not working?  With my Grandbabies!

15. I cars, motorcycles and my business of course!

16. I can't STAND......negative and mean people.

17. Do you have pets?  YES!  It has been the joke around the office that if there is a dog that needs a home, then just drop it off at my house!  I have a Siberian Husky, (Rue), Pit (Momma), Rat Terrier (Toby), Yorkie (Prissie), and two cats.  All of which were dropped off except for the Husky I might add!

18. Last thing you watched on Netflix, Hulu, etc.?  "Fractured" on Netflix

19. Anything you would like to tell us about yourself?  At the age of 18 I went to work for Cellular One in Dodge City.  Within a year I was the youngest Regional Manager ever in their company making over 6 figures.  I later moved to Wichita where I opened up my own wireless stores called Clear Choice Communications, Inc.  The business strived for years with 5 locations through out the city, until I decided to sell to start my next passion in Real Estate!

20. Favorite travel destination?  I love cruising with my husband and friends!

21. Favorite drink or cocktail?  Amaretta Sour

22. Do you prefer stripes, solids, polka dots, or floral prints? Solids

23. Favorite weekend activity?  Hanging out at Grand Lake tied up in Dripping Springs.

24. What is the best gift that you have ever received?  A Pickleball Racket…lol…but I loved it!

25. What or who lights you up?  Four little ones that call me Nana!…Arianna, Presley, Lilly, and our newest baby girl Bella!

Mikaela Rehmert-Fira


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty

3531 N Ridge Road, Wichita, KS 67205

Direct: 316.516.1734

Office: 316.721.9271

We hope you enjoyed this Front Porch Conversation! If you are interested in being featured in a future Front Porch Conversation, then please send us your inquiries to:

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