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How Trusted Professionals Make Buying a Home Easier to Understand

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In the spring, many excited buyers prepare to enter the housing market. Others continue dreaming about the homes they would like to purchase. The truth is, many potential buyers continue to dream longer than they need to, simply because they are perplexed about the home buying process. Thankfully, working with a trusted real estate professional can help ease those concerns and make the process to owning a home much easier to understand.

A recent survey conducted by Ipson and Freddie Mac shows the confidence level of Gen Z and Millennial buyers regarding the homebuying process. The graph below displays the breakdown of the top results, clearly indicating there is a significant portion of younger buyers who are not yet confident with some of the steps in the process of buying a home.

Between the home buying process and the mortgage process, there are 230 possible steps in the transaction. With trusted professionals on your side, you personally don’t have to be aware of all of the steps to have a successful experience.

There are many reasons why these steps can change as you move through each one. Depending on your personal situation, the term or your mortgage, and the type of loan you use, the path you take may need to vary. That’s why guidance and help from the experts is crucial.

In addition to the process itself, respondents in the survey definitely expressed concerns about understanding the types of loans available. Here are just a few of the basic loans to consider. Be sure to communicate with your lender about the specifics of what will work best for you:

  • FHA: Loans guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration for first-time buyers. They generally enable qualified borrowers to enter the housing market with a lower down payment.

  • Conventional: Loans that usually require a bigger down payment. Repeat buyers usually use these types of loans since they have an established credit history, and also an addition of money from the sale of their previous home (called equity) for a bigger down payment.

Interest rates also were a common area of confusion among Gen Z and Millennial participants in the survey. With today’s rates hovering at near historic lows, it is a great time for buyers to get more house for their money in the current market. Why? When mortgage rates are this low and wages are increasing as they are today, overall affordability increases, making it possible for home buyers to stretch their mortgage dollars further. It is just another area where a trusted and licensed real estate agent can help simplify the process and help you along the way.

In Conclusion

There are many possible steps in a real estate transaction, but they don’t have to be confusing. To understand your best course of action, get together with a licensed realtor today to ensure you have a trusted advisor who will help you feel confident and informed at every turn.

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