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Local Gifting Business, Kindred + Kel

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Tis the season…

As the holiday season draws closer by the moment, many of us are already feeling the frustration that comes with searching for the perfect gifts that will express our gratitude and convey how much we care.  With an endless array of options, sometimes gift giving can leave us feeling overwhelmed and often results in a trip to the store to stock up on gift cards.

Kelly Glass, gift designer and owner of Kindred + Kel, a Wichita-based gifting business, is on a mission to make gifting intentional and filled with soul. Kelly said, “I spent years struggling to find the time to select gifts that would leave a lasting impact on my friends, family, and clients. Before launching Kindred + Kel, I owned several franchises and was a small business consultant for a national advertising company. It didn’t take long before I realized that many business owners face the same challenges and are looking for gifting options that will save them time without compromising attention to detail and personalization. When my husband and I welcomed our daughter earlier this year, we made the decision for me to leave the constant travel of my previous career to follow my passion of gifting and spend more time at home with our little girl.”

Each gift designed by Kindred + Kel is filled with handcrafted goods from small-batch makers and artisans from across the country, including several local businesses right here Wichita. Kelly told us, “My passion is selecting the most beautifully crafted items that will make a favorable impression on the recipient which will be long-lasting and impactful.” Kindred + Kel offers gifts for all occasions with free shipping, no order minimums, and a complimentary handwritten notecard nestled inside each gift box.

Current best sellers on Kindred + Kel’s online shop include gifts from the housewarming collection. Kelly said, “We work with a number of local real estate professionals and absolutely love partnering with them to shower their clients with items for their new space.” Hand poured soy candles, one-of-a-kind mugs and tumblers, locally roasted coffee, hand stamped leather key chains, and other high-quality items are included in each gift box and lovingly packaged, tied with ribbon, and topped with embellishments.

Kelly also mentioned that the gifting business packages a number of gifts for the harder seasons in life as well –“Many of our customers are searching for a way to care for those that they love when words just aren’t enough or they are miles away and can’t be there for them in person. We love packaging gifts for the happiest of occasions like welcoming a new baby or spreading holiday cheer, but we also provide gift options to nourish the soul of recipients who have lost a love one or are walking through a difficult chapter.”

We asked Kelly what gifting tips are the most important to keep in mind this holiday season, as well as throughout the year, and she told us, “We are so honored to work with clients who are focused on caring for others by sending gifts that are designed to last far beyond a week or two. When selecting gifts, regardless of the occasion or therecipient, it is important to think about what will be used often and brighten their day on a regular basis. So, choosing items that are impeccably crafted will help to ensure that the recipient will treasure the gift and avoid the items sitting on a shelf or being forgotten. I also recommend that business owners focus on making client gifts an ‘about the client experience’ – being mindful of what will bring the recipient joy.”

Kelly closed with, “My heart overflows knowing that I am able to use my love language of gift giving to strengthen relationships, save our customers time, and spread a bit of sunshine through our boxes. Kindred + Kel is a dream come true.”

Kelly Glass - Gift Designer Family Photo by

Kindred + Kel Angela Merchant

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Kelly Walton-Glass
Kelly Walton-Glass
02 dec. 2019

What a huge honor! Thank you so much for featuring Kindred + Kel and sharing my story with your readers. I am so grateful!


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