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Local Wichita Wine! Business Spotlight: Jenny Dawn Cellars

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A bottle of local Wichita wine anyone? Yes, please! Wine makes the perfect gift. Whether it's a housewarming gift, a dinner host/hostess gift, or a simple "I love you" gift, wine is always a tasteful choice. It is also gratifying to pair wines with certain foods to enhance flavors, and make any dining experience more invigorating. Additionally, wine is the choice beverage to sip on while relaxing after a long day. How absolutely wonderful that we have Jenny Dawn Cellars, our own local Wichita winery to treat ourselves! Their knowledge of wine, delicious wine selection, and beautiful tasting room/shop is a delight to our community. We recently visited with Jennifer McDonald, CEO, Founder, and Winemaker at Jenny Dawn Cellars to learn more about this exciting Wichita business.

1. Business Name? Jenny Dawn Cellars 

2. How many years have you been in business? Three years 

3. What is your business’s mission statement? 

At Jenny Dawn Cellars, we craft our wine from grapes sourced from the finest growers in the nation. When you open a bottle of Jenny Dawn Cellars wine, you open your moment, your reprieve from the business of busy-ness, and your time to bloom.

Jenny Dawn Cellars – Let your moment begin.

4. What inspired you to start this business?

There are several reasons that our Founder, Jennifer McDonald created Jenny Dawn Cellars. Our why and reason for existence as a company includes:

a. To fulfill a need. We are creating a unique, urban winery experience in downtown Wichita, KS that cannot be found today.

b. To create a more inclusive and diverse wine industry. There is a lack of diversity in winemakers, wine owners, sommeliers, and wine judges in the national and local wine industry. Most wineries do not market their wines to African Americans and people of color.

c. To educate consumers on fine wines. We want to grow the love of wine amongst all people, and we do this through our Wineucation wine tasting sessions.

d. To promote agriculture and the wine industry as a viable career field for young people of color. 

5. What kind of education or training prepared you to operate your business?

I started making wine at home 5 years ago. To hone my skills in winemaking, I took online enology courses through UC Davis. I also have a MS degree in Agribusiness through Kansas State University. 

6. How did you know that Wichita was the perfect city to open your business in?

Wichita was the perfect city to start my business as there were no other businesses in the city offering the products and services that my winery offers. 

7. What is your favorite thing about owning and running a business in Wichita? 

Our slogan at Jenny Dawn Cellars is "let your moment begin". My favorite part about owning and running my winery is being a part of other people's special moments.  

8. How do you feel your business has impacted our community?  As a business owner, I have tried to impact the community by being a champion for diversity and inclusion, and support other entrepreneurial endeavors. 

9. What is the most heartfelt compliment a customer has given you or your business? 

We've had two surprise proposals at our winery since we opened.  The most heartfelt compliments have come from the couples who have gotten engaged. They were both very grateful for how we went out of our way to make their day special!

10. What is the most amusing or funny experience you have had happen at your business or while you were operating your business? 

We've had many funny experiences during the winemaking process, such as me falling over into our pick bin of blackberries, to spraying water all over the winery while I was trying to wash out a tank. Winemaking can be extremely messy yet rewarding.  

11. How much do you treasure your employees and the people you work with?

I treasure all of the employees, mentors and investors who have helped me get to where I am at in business.  

12. What is the most satisfying aspect of being a business owner?  The most satisfying aspect of being a business owner is being able to work in my passion every day.  

Jenny Dawn Cellars

Location: 703 E. Douglas Ave. Ste. 180

Wichita, Kansas 67202

Phone: (316) 633 - 3022

Email: Instagram: @jennydawncellars

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