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Photographer Neil Marcus, Capturing Kansas in His Own Unique Way

Neil Marcus, Photo by Tobie Andrews

Tobie Andrews had the pleasure of meeting Neil Marcus while photographing his home recently. Right away Tobie was in awe of the amazing photographs, that Neil had taken, hanging throughout his home. Tobie wanted to share Neil's breathtaking talent and story with everyone...

Local photographer, Neil Marcus, has been involved with photography since an early age. Neil was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised on Long Island. His father’s hobby was photography and as a child Neil would watch his father develop and print photographs.

River View of Downtown Wichita, Kansas

Garage Parking View, Wichita, Kansas

In 1946, right after the war, Neil purchased a 1917 folding camera. He discovered that he loved playing with sunlight and shadows, and was fascinated with how they could transform a picture or a scene. He learned composition from visiting museums and studying their paintings, especially landscapes. Later he was commissioned in the Merchant Marines and served as a Naval officer. During this period of time Neil earned a mechanical engineering degree, and eventually accepted a job with Boeing, and a move to Wichita in 1979. He continued taking pictures, and in fact sold a photo to Columbia Records which became an album cover. That sale paid for the birth of his first son.

One Block From My House, 9:00 pm June 2018, Wichita, Kansas

Grape Vines Under Wraps, Grace Hill Winery, Whitewater, Kansas

Neil enjoys going out into rural Kansas with friends to take photos and visit museums. When he visits a rural town, he takes photographs with the intent to capture the significance of the whole place.

Deserted School House, Flint Hills, Kansas

Wheat Straw Bales, Smokey Hills, Kansas

Pioneer Bluffs

Spent Sunflowers

He won best of show at the Kansas State Fair in 1999. In 2006 he shifted to digital photography. The revelation of what digital photography could do changed everything. Neil likes to take photos where the composition is a little different and a little off. His creative take on composition is definitely displayed in the unique beauty that he captures in each photograph.

Epic Center Detail, Wichita, Kansas

The Orpheum Marquee, Wichita, Kansas

Final Completed End, Wichita, Kansas

Grain Elevator, Burns, Kansas

The upper tier of the Kansas African-American Museum in Wichita, Kansas.

Neil’s current photography passion is taking candid photos of people. The way his artistry is able to seek out and capture a charming elegance in ordinary life is remarkable.

Winer Sun, Wichita Art Museum lobby

In Glorious Color, Looking at Frank Gehry's Art, Seattle, Washington

Light and Noise, Final Friday, Wichita ,Kansas

He has traveled to many places and has a large collection of breathtaking photographs displayed on his website. The local Wichita scenes are especially touching. Neil’s work is all for sale, and would definitely be an amazing addition to any home art collection. If you are interested in purchasing any of Neil’s work, please email him at:

Bridge at Keeper of the Plains, Wichita, Kansas

Stairwell, Wichita Art Museum

Tree at Century II, Wichita, Kansas

Neil Marcus, Photo by Tobie Andrews

His life's journey is moving him out of state. There will be an estate sale at his beautiful home on August 20, 21st and 22nd, from 8:00am to 5:30pm, located at 14520 East Killarney Circle, Wichita, KS. Neil plans on creating a new website designed to sell his photographs. We will keep you posted on that exciting future development.

Neil Marcus

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