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The Latest Lighting Trends, with Accent Lighting Inc.

One of our missions here at House Elements Blog is to keep you up to date on the latest home trends. We recently visited Accent Lighting, where they were kind enough to give us a tour around their beautiful showroom. Accent Lighting’s inventory and selection is breathtaking!

As we walked around the showroom, they explained to us that all lighting is switching to LED. Accent Lighting’s entire staff is very knowledgeable about LED and Lumens of light. They also explained that 630 Lumens equals a 60 watt light bulb. LED/Lumens use a much lower watt energy. Even though some of us are reluctant to switch to LED lighting, it is really more efficient and the safer way to go. LED lights usually last 20 plus years. That means less trips up the ladder to change bulbs! 

According to the experts at Accent Lighting, flat finishes are extremely popular right now, nothing shiny. Believe it or not, soft gold is the new popular finish. Matte black is edgy and chic, and a new favorite neutral. Mixed metals are very on trend at the moment too, especially black and gold metals together. Metal combined with wood is trending as well.

Of course, the Magnolia movement made certain farmhouse styles popular, like the lantern and orb pendants. 

During our visit, the knowledgable staff relaid to us that most lighting is made in China. However, Hubbardton Forge is a lighting manufacturing company right here in the USA! They are located in Vermont, and specialize in hand forged custom lighting. When ordering a Hubbardton Forge light fixture, one may customize by choosing the finish, shade, and glass. Pictured below is their very handsome, Steppe Semi Flush fixture.

Retro and Industrial lighting styles are definitely trending, but in a more refined way. The new terms are "upgraded industrial" or "refined industrial". We are seeing sleeker metals being used, with richer and more varied tones that are combined with alternative designs.

Exposed, vintage Edison-style bulbs are still very popular. They deliver a warmer and softer retro style. Now you can find Edison bulbs in LED. Edison bulbs look very sophisticated in clear pendants. Clear pendants are a delightful combination of rustic and industrial design. You can also hang three at varying heights for a refreshing element of fun. 

Geometric chandeliers are still very trendy, and give chandeliers a casual appeal. These fixtures work well throughout the home, and especially well in the kitchen. 

Wicker is currently popular in home decor, and notably in lighting as well. Wicker lighting fixtures are quite adaptable, and can be used in different homes ranging from traditional to boho style. Another boho trend that will definitely add more texture to your space are wood bead fixtures. 

For a more playful and romantic touch, bubble glass, Capiz Shells, and even feathers add an element of glam to some modern lighting styles.

With any statement lighting fixture, it is important to keep the rest of the room’s decor simple, so your unique lighting choice may remain the focal point. Colored glass pendants and table lamps are becoming popular too, and are an easy way to express your individual style.

Instead of full on illumination in your bedroom, try setting a tone with simple pendant lights on either side of your bed. Another alternative are wall sconces. They are a wonderful light source without the extra clutter.

For years, Mid-Century and Art Deco have been popular and favorite styles for interior designers, but lighting styles have not followed the same trends. Finally the lighting market is producing nostalgic early century styles. These styles emphasize unique designs with clean lines, and a balance of art and form. Art Deco lighting displays sharp lines and geometric designs. Mid-Century modern lighting focuses more on natural shapes that combine function and beauty. 

With contemporary decor, excessive ornamentation is losing favor. It’s all about less clutter and cleaner lines, so low profile fixtures are entering the market to compliment the minimalism trend, as well. These lighting fixtures are simple geometric designs in soft neutral colors.  

We also discussed that every room should have more than one layer of lighting. You may start with overhead lighting like, recessed can lighting or a chandelier. Then try adding lamps, sconces, table lamps, or floor lamps. 

The next topic we tackled was under cabinet lighting. It is the one thing needed for good task lighting in the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is definitely something one shouldn't skimp on. LED lighting has made under cabinet lighting so much more easier to install, and one may also choose from four different color temperatures. LED Inspirations actually look like scotch tape. It has a 3M Double Stick back for super easy installation. 

Another wonderful upgrade that may be added to your home, (and you don’t even need an electrician to do so), is the Retro Fit LED Basics Series. It’s as easy as changing a lightbulb. All you do is unscrew your light bulb, and twist in the new LED version right on top of it. The LED bulb is built into the new light, so no bugs will get in the fixture. This new adaptation of a can light lasts much longer than a regular lightbulb, so that means a lot less climbing up a ladder time. It’s simply safer! 

We really did learn so much while visiting Accent Lighting. It is also important to mention that they go by IMAP Pricing. That means the Internet Manufacturing Advertised Price. They can match any price found, because they go by the minimum price that manufactures are allowed to advertise. The Accent Lighting staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. If you are building a new home, trying to upgrade your house before putting it on the market, or simply redecorating, we encourage you to visit Accent Lighting. They have such a wide variety and all the latest trends. 

Accent Lighting Inc.

2020 N. Woodlawn Suite 220

Wichita, KS 67208

Phone: (316) 636-1278

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