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White Fluffy Towels and Other Things that Feel like Home

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Written by Julie Buth, Industry Expert Real Estate Photographer, with Tobie Andrews Real Estate Photography

As a real-estate photographer, I have the pleasure every single day to be a part of a busy, stressful—yet an exciting time—for the clients that we serve. It is the next chapter for a growing family, a new beginning for a young couple, or a smaller home for an empty nester. Maybe your journey is taking you across the county, or just across town— whichever the case, there is an endless list of things to do to get ready to sell your home. If you have made the wise decision to work with a licensed realtor, you will probably be getting your home "picture perfect" for your appointment with me. As I go into homes, there are things that I notice which make the difference in a house feeling like a home. It is important for the homeowner to prepare to sell by giving attention to all of the little and big projects that need to be done— such as touching up the paint, fixing a squeaky doorknob, and planting fresh flowers to liven up your porch and entryway. These things are all important and need to be done. In this fast moving market a buyer will choose the house that already has the details taken care of almost every time. As picture day approaches, the hustle and bustle of every detail can become overwhelming.

This is the time to simplify your space. You may think it looks empty or too sparse; however, your potential buyers need to see your beautiful countertops and backsplash—but not your toaster! They need to see how much space your living room has for your children to spread out on the floor—but not your huge collection of DVDs. Feel free to leave your gorgeous Kitchen Aid mixer on the counter top, buyers will automatically believe that they will turn into Betty Crocker in that fantastic space! When the time comes for me to arrive, I will take a few minutes before I begin to have you give me a quick tour through your home. During this initial walk I will be able to begin to get an idea of the photographs that I will need to capture in order to make your home look its absolute best online. After all, most home buyers start their search online. A few bad pictures might make them skip right over a home that might be perfect for them. It will also give me a chance to ask you to move or put away a few last minute, everyday items, such as paper towels, scales, and toothbrushes. I see things day after day that make me think I should travel around town with half of Target in the back of my SUV, that way I would have a few extra things that may be just what your house needs to feel like home to a potential buyer. Some things that I notice on a daily basis include making sure all of your light bulbs work (an added bonus would be for the whole house to have all "warm" or all "cool" bulbs). White fluffy towels in bathrooms just make everything seem a bit brighter and cleaner. Mirrors that sparkle and are free of water spots tell us moms that our kids will be super tidy if we move into this house! LOL! Little things like putting away your pets’ food and water bowls can also do a lot for buyers—believe it or not, everyone may not love dogs, so some clients will be instantly turned off when they see any evidence of a pet. If your comforter or duvet has seen better days, buy a fresh new one along with some fun throw pillows. Something in a neutral color that compliments the wall color and that is also gender neutral is a good idea. Rugs are something that lots of people love. If you have a large area rug that anchors your living room and is in good condition, that's great. If you have 5 different varieties of throw rugs that will be distracting in a photograph or may be a tripping hazard, put those away. I always take the time to move something that needs to be moved or to be photographed at a different angle (for example, if you have already started packing and have a row of boxes stacked to the ceiling). We are all on the same team with the same ultimate goal—to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price possible. When we all work together it is hoped that this process will be more exciting than stressful and that you will be unpacking at your new home in no time! We have a check list available on our website that gives additional tips for preparing for picture day that many clients find very useful. You can find it at Written by Julie Buth

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