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Front Porch Conversation: Featuring Linda Nugent

It is always nice to break down professional barriers and discover more about individuals in our real estate community. We recently visited one of our industry experts, Linda Nugent, with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Penfed Realty, at her delightful home. Here is what we learned about Linda, and what she shared with us...

What is so fascinating about real estate?  Is it breathing in the satisfaction of resolving a contentious negotiation or finding the perfect match mating your seller with your buyer? It’s networking, prospecting and mentoring.  It’s precious land, homes and people’s lives. Definitely it’s that each transaction has a twist and each experience builds on another. Bev Shrum, who never retired, warned me this would happen.  She told me, “It gets in your blood.”  

Growing up in rural Kansas, it was most common that if a professional career was on the horizon, it would be in education or nursing.  So, teaching was my life for about thirty years and a lot of children learned rhythm and blues from me.  From square dancing to The Nutcracker, from nursery rhymes to Beethoven’s 9th, we covered it all.  It was great fun, three districts, ten buildings and hundreds of students, and I loved those days.

But, watching other women in business made me curious.  I wanted to stretch, reinvent myself, and in 2008, when our daughter went to college, I took licensing and jumped into business, as most businesses jumped into recession.  Times were tough, nothing was selling and I didn’t think I would ever see a sign with my name in a yard. Perseverance paid off and I have been privileged to join my colleagues in the Top Ten frequently, enjoy the rewards of the business and best of all, make many new lifelong friends.  

Linda with her husband, Bob.

1. Name? Linda Nugent

2. Where are you from? Northeast Kansas

3. Current Company and Position? Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty, Associate Broker.

4. First Job? Detasseling Corn for Pioneer Seed Company.

5. What that first job taught me? Wear sunscreen!

6. Best advice ever given? My dad -- Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut!

7. Last book you read? "The Girl on the Train"

8. Hobbies? Backyard birds, gardening, and piano.

9. Hidden Talent? I can conduct a choir.

10. Favorite restaurant? Newport Grill

11. The person who has most impacted

your life? My dad

12. Biggest personal achievement? Raising a nice child.

13. Biggest professional achievement? Switching careers successfully.

14. Biggest challenge to overcome? I'm stubborn!

15. Favorite place to get coffee or dessert? I like them all -- I love to eat out!

16. Honest work hours (do you keep it

reasonable or do you work

all hours?) I work all hours!

17. Where can you be found when you're

not working? At a Museum, golf course, concert, or at a game.

18. I love...... the ocean

19. I can't STAND...... being cold

20. Do you have pets? Not anymore.

21. Last thing you watched on Netflix, Hulu,

etc.? "The Crown"

22. Anything you would like to tell us about

yourself? I went to a two-room school, I own farmland, and I watch grain prices daily.

23. Favorite travel destination? Italy

24. Favorite drink or cocktail? Dry red wine

25. Do you prefer stripes, solids, polka

dots, or floral prints? Solids

26. If you could live in any sitcom or movie

which one would it be? "The Big Chill"

27. Favorite weekend activity? Golf and Sunday dinner.

28. If you could instantly become an expert

at something, then what would it be? Plant, flower, and tree identification. Also, Opera -- plots, characters, composers, music, arias, and famous singers.

29. What is the best gift that you have ever

received? My Yamaha Baby Grande Piano.

30. When you were younger, what did you

want to be when you grew up? A teacher

31. Is there anything that you collect? Local art

32. What or who lights you up? Watching my daughter play golf.

Linda Nugent

Associate Broker - East Office

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty

1617 N Waterfront Parkway

Wichita, KS 67206

Phone: 316.655.2656


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